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Precision High Speed

New 2013 Catalog
Updated 10-2013
(913KB PDF)
New Muli-Bore
3 Levels of Excellence

New 2013 Catalog

(979KB PDF)

Interactive Catalog
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Large Boring
(2.7MB PDF)

Updated in 2011

Quick-Change Small Dia.
Boring Tools

July 2011
(1.8MB PDF)

Rough Machining with
Tangential Technology

July 2011
(7.6MB PDF)

New US Insert Catalog
Updated September 2013
(4.9MB PDF)

Insert Holders - Semi-Standard
(1.7MB PDF)

Combi Line Heads
(660KB PDF)

Balance Heads
(432KB PDF)

019 Heads

Clamping Tools

(5.6MB PDF)

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